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     Dominican Ecclesial Institute
       Our Federal Identification Number is: 45-0495796.


​D+E+I is a ministry of the Dominican Friars, Central Province of St. Albert the Great. D+E+I operates in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe through the approval and ecclesial authority of the Archbishop of Santa Fe. It is funded solely through the support and generosity of its members and friends with all donations used solely for the works of D+E+I.​

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 Your financial gift to D+E+I supports multiple programs and new endeavors, helping us to respond to the needs of our community by keeping the Dominican charisms alive and active within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

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Help us to create D+E+I Rising, our ministry to young adults.

Revive the Catholic Business Network.

Bring in world class Dominicans for our program series.

Underwrite the costs of the tireless efforts of our staff.


​July 2017

Release Date 7/20/17

Print Copies Available At:

D+E+I Office

ASF Library

Catholic Center  

Catholic Radio

St. Therese Parish 

O.L. Annunciation

​Ashley's Baptism & Communion
Ziegler-Garsons Catholic Store

​D+E+I is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit

EIN # 45-0495796